Nature Photography - Western North Carolina

If this is your first time here we encourage you to browse to see Blythe's recent work and get a sense of his style. You'll quickly see he specializes in high quality photography and in particular: landscapes, trains and waterfalls.

Western North Carolina is a land of of Nature - we offer the tallest mountains, the highest waterfalls, the sheerest cliffs and the tallest trees all located within the Appalachian Mountains, some of the oldest in the world.

About The Photographer

I have lived in big cities, but I was born and raised in the country. My heart has never gotten away from the love of rural life. There is something about fresh air and fresh cut hay that never leaves you. I have always wanted to take pictures. Being a country boy has led me to water falls, mountains and fall colors; back to my roots with the ability to see God's beauty every where I looked. Seeing His love in nature is something that is very hard to capture with a camera. I return over and over again looking for His beauty in a waterfall, a flower, and valleys full of life.

Coming from a railroad family has added joy in my life and a love for old steam engines that never wears. I find myself going back to Durango, Colorado, riding old steam engines and re-living the lifestyle that my Father and His two brothers lived. They all worked for Southern Railway and they, like old steam engines never gave up. Those Men loved their families and held to the values that makes a man.

My cameras and the love & support of a beautiful lady have become a way of life for me. My camera gives me a way to capture the beauty in nature and a joyful way of making time stand still. I hope you enjoy looking at the beauty of God's creation in our world as seen through my camera lens.

- Blythe Gabriel

Purchasing Photography Prints and Fine Art Canvas Prints

You can purchase any of the images printed on your choice of archival quality photo paper or fine art canvas of various sizes, in both signed and unsigned versions. Our prints are printed only with the highest quality pigment on the most premium photography paper and canvas media. The ink and paper we use are estimated to last over 200 years to make sure it survives through your families generations.

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Our most common shipped prints are: 36" x 24". More sizes and options available. If you would like a custom size, email Blythe at


Prints will be shipped USPS Ground, covered with insurance in case of shipping damage. Shipping is a flat rate of $25 in the 50 states. Currently we are not offering shipping outside of USA.

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